Notes on Women is a community that celebrates how kickass women are while making a conscious effort to support them. We connect through collaborative book lists, playlists, workshops and gatherings. 


We curate curricula based on rotating themes to inform and educate. We divulge our own stories and contribute ideas to create dialogue. We connect to communities and put our learnings to action. 


What We Do

What we do

What We Do

What we do


Each quarter, we choose a theme to focus on. We recommend books, create playlists, and encourage all to share related observations.

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Our community has members from across the world that participate in our secret facebook group. To protect members and the integrity of our conversation, that group is currently restricted to individuals identifying as female. We have plans to create an additional group on facebook that is open to the public.

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Occasionally, volunteers from the community will hold meetings and produce talks or workshops—all inspired by our themes.

Meetings are best for meeting community members, discussing books, and yeah, there is usually wine. Meetings invites are sent via our secret facebook group and spread via word of mouth. The best way to get involved is to ask an existing member or email taking@notesonwomen.co.

Talks are completely open to the public and bring in people from outside of the community to share and discuss their experiences based on the topic. They are announced on our calendar, in our newsletter, and on our social channels.

Workshops are a chance for some of us to expand our experiences and skillsets and for others to practice teaching theirs. Knitting 101, yoga, drawing, and SEO best practices (duh) are an example. Workshops are announced on our calendar, in our newsletter, and on our social channels.

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Our meetings, with the exception of a few Google Hangouts, are held in NYC. If you are interested in organizing NoW meetings outside of NYC, send us an email to taking@notesonwomen.co.